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Today I’d like to introduce a video I found on I really like the way Galetea Kortikova, the video editor,  has put together a varied and good selection of drawings and paintings from the vast Jeff Rowland portfolio. Rather than just one painting after another she has interlaced the scenes and added rain & water effects.The Music also seems to be fitting, although I guess not to everyone’s choice. All nicely presented.
Anyhow if you can spare a moment or two (4 mins in total actually) I’d welcome your opinion. I hope you enjoy this change of media and possibly another new way of enjoying the art work of Jeff Rowland. You may even spot something new – I did!

Galetea, from Romania, says “Showers can be your melody of love. My movie (is) about it. Music was written by my friend Ivan Pilipenko.

“Two people wandering around like children
In a world of fog, rain and bad weather,
Met the best miracle in the world,
Heart opening for hope and happiness! “

Click the play button to start

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Art Brochure 2008

Jeff Rowland Art Brochure 2008 “A Brief Encounter”

Here is something we can all afford and a great way to have your own personal album of the paintings from the 2008 tour entitled “Brief Encounter”

For sale on eBay at only £4.99 + £1.50 P&P

Within you’ll find images of the paintings and summary description. It details the following limited editions:

1. Gateway To Your Heart.
2. Under A Brooklyn Moon.
3. Au Revoir.
4. Fairytale Of New York.
5. Unforgettable.
6. A Brief Encounter.
7. Big Yellow Taxi.

A unique item every collector can afford!

I’m often asked if there is a book of Jeffs paintings – there isn’t right now so this is your only option at the moment. Very Limited so buy whilst you can for only £6.49!

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Jeff Rowland at the Movies

I was speaking to Jeff  last week and asked if he intended to go see the recently released film “Mr.Turner”. For those who don’t know Jeff Rowland is very much an admirer of the works by JMW Turner – he even named his cat “Turner”. Without hesitation he said yes and according to the film critics Jeff is in for a treat! If he sends a review I’ll post here.

Of course Jeff has a strong affinity with the film industry firstly he admits openly “I was inspired to paint a rain soaked street through films I saw at the cinema“. Secondly not many know he as also played as a film extra in many films and TV Dramas. Most noticeable being “Elizabeth” (starring Cate Blanchett ) – there is a picture of Jeff from the film on the About Jeff Rowland page – and  TV dramas based upon the  the Catherine Cookson novels. I’ll have to get a list from him one day. Anyhow I said it was a pity he’d not been in the Turner film as an actor “yes – that would have been fun” he responded!

Below is from an original “Snow covers Sandgate” he kindly donated to St. Oswald’s Hospice in memory of his father who passed away there. To me I think Jeff has been some what influenced by the style of Mr Turner in this painting?

Snow covers Sandgate by Jeff Rowland

Snow covers Sandgate


 Mr Turner review – Mike Leigh shines a brilliant new light on the great master

Timothy Spall is a giant as the eccentric Victorian painter in this visually ambitious biopic by , Observer film critic


A magnificent growling-bear performance by Timothy Spall is just one of the masterful brushstrokes in this lusty, physical, spit-and-spunk portrait of JMW Turner from singular British screen artist Mike Leigh. Adventurously wielding a digital palette to echo and invoke the oily grit of their subject’s work (the sight of pigment being ground is profoundly textural), Leigh and cinematographer Dick Pope paint a tactile landscape in which “the sun is God” and steamy science is the future. Through this ever-changing kingdom of light strides Spall’s vibrantly curmudgeonly Turner, a full figure of fleshy contradictions, both abrasively insular and gregariously outgoing, simultaneously loving and callous, sensitive yet animalistic. For all his authentic 19th-century turns of phrase (the film’s Dickensian language is a joy), Spall’s most expressive utterance is not a word but a growl – a guttural sound that speaks poetic volumes. Never before has “Ghhrrrrr” meant so much or conveyed such depth of character.

Set in the later years of the artist’s life, from 1828 onwards, Leigh’s film follows Turner through the denial of his daughters and the loss of his father (a wonderfully touching and tender performance by Paul Jesson) to the discovery of new life and love amid growing sickness and infirmity. En route he delivers rambling lectures at the Royal Academy that merely restate his outsider status, annoys Queen Victoria who is not amused by his move toward preimpressionist abstraction (“Ugh, a dirty yellow mess!”) and mocks the likes of John Constable (James Fleet, a picture of repressed outrage) with the theatrical application of a single dab of red paint.


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A View to Remember

The  Quartet of Venice Scene limited edition prints by Jeff Rowland and released early this year have proved very popular – The one entitled “A View to Remember” is no exception and if you wish to add this to your collection then I have something that may interest you!

A View to Remeber

I’ve just noticed on ebay uk there is a listing for this print at a low £303.60 and its for sale by a reputable dealer so no fears of being anything other than a genuine bargain. (Although I can’t offer any personal Guarantee)

Title: A View To Remember (Last One)

Artist: Jeff Rowland

Edition: 95

Edition Type: Giclee On Board

Style Name: Contemporary

Format: Canvas on Board With Slip

Image Size w x h : 24 x 19 inches

If you are interested in this excellent piece by Jeff you’d  better be quick

Good Luck!

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New Additions by Jeff Rowland

New Additions


Jeff Rowland has a new quartet of limited edition prints out now for the autumn collection.

Released 1st September they are….

Warm & Glowing

<br /><br /><br /><br /> Warm & Glowing by Jeff Rowland 2014

Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Dance between the Raindrops

Dance Between The Raindrops

It Must be the Moonlight

It Must Be The Moonlight

This collection was released whilst I was on holiday (in Scotland). Please excuse this brief post and the delay. Unfortunately Jeff did not give me advance notice.

Regards Brian

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Until Tomorrow

Until Tomorrow

Painting of the Month: August

This month I feature an exclusive piece from Priory Art by Jeff Rowland entitled “Until Tomorrow“. Tynemouth is the home of Jeff and he is, therefore, a regular visitor at the Priory Art gallery plus a good friend of the proprietor Jan Tandy. The scene is instantly recognisable to locals of Tynemouth – and if proof was needed I attach a photo at the bottom of this post taken a couple of years ago! Although I’ve never been to this North East village I’m pleased to say I have a copy of this limited edition. A delightful painting whether you’re a local or not.



Until Tomorrow

This work is a limited edition of 25 and I believe there are only 2 copies left. So if you want to secure your copy then please give Jan a call ( 0191 259 1830 ) to confirm availability, viewing times, etc if you intend visiting. There is also a good selection of works of art by Jeff and other artists. I understand there may still be available the original painting by Jeff for sale as well. Another bit of good news is later this year (Sept/Oct??) Jeff will be visiting the gallery and will be available to meet his fans and discuss his work.

I said the “Until Tomorrow” was an exclusive to Priory Art; however there as been an exception and in agreement with Castle Galleries of Newcastle they did a sort of “Swop”. Another Jeff Rowland exclusive “A Night at The Opera” featured below is another very limited edition – this time a scene from Newcastle -upon- Tyne. Therefore one lucky Priory Art customer can also pick up this unique edition!


A Night at the Opera (Grey Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne) by Jeff Rowland

PRIORY ART is the place to find all types of modern fine art from both internationally recognised and published artists, to lesser known UK talents. The gallery is located in Tynemouth enjoying a prominent location on the main street of the village next to the only foodstore and surrounded by high class eateries, wine bars and coffee shops catering to the local community and tourists visiting our beautiful village. The 900+ square feet store offers a diverse range of artwork ranging from original canvases and sculpture to limited edition prints and bespoke glassware and ceramics. Priory Art Ltd 70 Front Street Tynemouth North Shields NE30 4BP
Tynemouth Village (photo) 2009
Tynemouth Village

If You have a request or suggested painting of the month please let me know

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Together in Time

Together in Time by Jeff Rowland

This painting by Jeff is generally sold out so it was interesting to see the original for sale on ebay UK. You’ll need deep pockets to bid however as the starting price is a £7000 with the auction ending 19th July 2014. ***Update : The item has been relisted and as of 27/07/14 is still available.

Together in Time – Jeff Rowland

Two figures, huddled together, walk down the centre of a broad rain lashed street. Before them a subway train rumbles across a tall metal bridge. To either side of them watery grey buildings march into the distance. There is no one and nothing to disturb their reverie.

Limited Edition Print Details

Edition of: 150 (You’ll be buying the original)

Image Size: 24 x 39 (I understand the original is much larger)

Medium: Canvas on Board (I presume the original is an oil on canvas)

Framed: £635.00 (against £7000 for the original)

Generally Sold Out (all the more reason to acquire the original!)

Obviously I can not personally guarantee this item so suggest you take care checking the picture/signature & documents, etc; however I have made many purchases via Ebay and have never encountered any problems – as they say “Caveat emptor” let the buyer beware. I wish you well on this auction as I won’t be bidding!

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Jeff Rowland in Reading

Jeff Rowland Exhibition at Castle Galleries Reading

19/07/14 1 pm – 4 pm

A brand new capsule collection from Jeff Rowland will be at the gallery in Reading.

Always & Forever by Jeff Rowland 2014

Please Visit the gallery in Reading to view the new collection of pieces from Jeff Rowland.

Jeff believes “If you are going to do something creative, get to the very heart of it.” and his timeless pieces speak of shared moments, whispered endearments and treasured memories.

This new collection is made all the more significant by the fact that each is an edition of just 25. They are certainly not to be missed.

The event will take place on Saturday 19 July 1pm – 4pm.

Refreshments will be available. For more information, please contact the gallery.

Please note Jeff is scheduled to appear between 1 and 4pm – however his mother has recently been in hospital and back home under his care. Needless to say family comes first and he may not be free to attend.

Please contact the gallery to confirm his attendance.

Reading Gallery | Castle Galleries
5 Chain Street

T: 0118 959 0300

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Jeff Rowland Mouse Mat

Jeff Rowland Mouse Pad


Jeff Rowland Mouse Pad, Mousepad

JR-Mouse Mat

This is something all Jeff Rowland collectors will want – makes an ideal gift, useful and affordable!!

In the UK we would call it a mouse mat. However I can find only on the Amazon USA website. ***** Update now listed on Amazon UK ****



Click the link below for more info and to order.

Jeff Rowland Mouse Pad, Mousepad

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